-Time studies tree with free respec
-Eternity Milestones with tons of automation
-Eternity upgrades
-More themes made by Omsi
-Disable hotkeys option
-Current IP/min post-break
-Infinity Challenge times
-Past 10 eternities
-Lowered IP multiplier cost by 1 Order of magnitude.
-3 more rows of achievements
-Infinity challenge reward nerfs (1st: 1.5x -> 1.3x; 3rd: lowered; 4th: mult^1.1 -> mult^1.05)
-More news ticker entries
-Immensely improved performance thanks to break_infinity.js made by Patashu, it replaces decimal.js
-Added LZString for cloud saving purposes.
-Achievement refractoring to reduce save string size made by StrangeTim.
-Commas between exponents option for numbers higher than e100000
-Added logarithm notation
-Made letter and cancer notation last longer.

Complete refactoring for all upgrade UI
Minor Upgrade Changes (capping some upgrades)
Kred shop - 3 paid Upgrades - More upgrades (and upgrade improvements) coming in the future
8 new Achievements - Achievement Rewards have also been added.
Infinity Challenges - additional challenges to do going from Inf Dim 2 to current end game and beyond
Main Screen UI updates - IP points are now visible everywhere
Hotkeys - C for Big Crunch, M for Max All, S for Dimensional Sacrifice, D for Dimension Shift/Boost, G for Antimatter Galaxy, Numbers 1-8 for Buy 10 (d1-8), A for Toggle Autobuyers
Bug Fixes - At least 2, including a percentage buff


- Super Secret Post-Infinity Dimensions added. Get more antimatter to find out!
- Post-break double galaxy upgrade nerfed. It now gives 50% more.
- Four new post-break upgrades added.
- Scaling of the dimension cost multiplier increased.
- Eight new achievements added.
- Cloud saving maybe added.
- Refunded Dimension cost increase multiplier and changed the cost


- Post infinity content added (Breaking infinity), requires big crunch speed to be maxed
- New upgrade tree pre-breaking, included one upgrade that be taken multiple times to increase infinity point gains
- Eight late game post-breaking upgrades
- Eight new achievements
- Reworked autobuyer prices and times, full refund for all points spent on them
- Autobuyers now can be upgraded beyond .1 seconds, and they also now 'wait' after their interval has passed, instantly buying once able to
- Automatic DimBoosts, Galaxies, and Big Crunches now have an input box
- Unique achievement rewards for multiple achievements
- Zero galaxies now gives 11% tickspeed
- Galaxies past two give diminishing returns, Faster than a Potato made easier to compensate
- Game now updates 20 times a second with increased performance, max autobuyer speed is not impacted
- Autobuyer settings are now saved inbetween sessions
- Monitor scaling issues mainly fixed
- Priority should be working properly
- Big crunch button is now less obtrusive
- Your screen no longer defaults to the dimensions tab when you reach infinity (if you have broken infinity or if your fastest time to reach infinity is less than one minute)
- More statistics have been added such as record challenge times and last ten infinities
- Times below one minute are now kept at two decimal points of precision
- Percentage increase per second for dimensions 1-8 are now kept to two decimal points of precision
- The reset button works better now

-12 Challenges
-8 new achievements

Added news on top of the page

-Added A multiplier for completing a row of challenges.
-New letter notation option
-Nerfed galaxies from +3% to +2%

8 More achievements!

Dimensional Sacrifice button, appears at 5th dimension shift/boost.
More notations!
Bar until infinity at the bottom.
Some UI changes

Infinity update!
Now when you get to 1.7e308 antimatter, you reach infinity, you can reset again at infinity, gaining infinity points.
You can use infinity points for upgrades.
The game also now runs 6 hours while it is closed.
In addition there are some graphic updates.

Saves should now FINALLY work properly.

Slightly smaller text and added a max all button.

Added save button although game saves every 10 seconds.

Added export and import options.

Visual update! And statistics.

Fixed the bug with costs showing for example 1000 SxTg.

The game now works offtab.

Added this changelog, fixed money displaying problem. Added a title to the HTML.